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Making Silicon Valley America's Bike Capital: Lessons From The Dutch

Monday, May 8, 2017
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

950 W Maude Ave.
Sunnyvale (View Map)

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Joint Venture and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition are embarked on a effort to make Silicon Valley one of America's great biking communities. It only makes sense: we have a warm climate, a flat landscape, and a population that is health conscious and that cares about the environment.

It also makes sense because our roads are completely jammed, and bike infrastructure can be built for a fraction of the cost of roads.

So why aren't we doing this already? And how did places like Amsterdam figure it out? Amsterdam looked like most any large American city in the 1970s, but they made a commitment to transform their city, and the results are compelling: today 63 percent of Amsterdammers ride their bikes on a daily basis.

How did they do it? What lessons can the Dutch teach Silicon Valley?

That will be the subject of this public forum, featuring members of the Dutch Cycling Embassy:

Johan Diepens
Founder & Managing Director, Mobycon
As a senior leader at Mobycon, Mr. Diepens designs integral traffic and transportation plans, works with policy makers, and carries out an ambitious research agenda. He is able to combine public sector planning skills with a sound business sense.

Mirjam Borsboom
Managing Director, Dutch Cycling Embassy
As Managing Director of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Ms. Borsboom handles every aspect of the public-private partnership. Her background is in civil engineering, and specializes in implementing bike infrastructure in non-European countries and cultures.

Edward Douma
Project Coordinator, Dutch Cycling Embassy
Mr. Douma brings a background in international management to his assignment at the Dutch Cycling Embassy.


Mobility Objective

Joint Venture is actively involved in addressing the transportation challenges facing our region by creating partnerships among communities to work on mobility issues across multiple jurisdictions. Projects include bike share programs, walkability options, improved transit, traffic signal coordination and other “smart” approaches to travel on the major arterials, across all modes.

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Read all about our vision for Silicon Valley to become America's biking capital:

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