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State of the Valley moves online February 23 - 24

logoJanuary 14, 2021 - The 17th State of the Valley conference will be an online affair, featuring a stream of experts and national figures spread over two half-days. "We were at first disappointed we can't gather in person," said Joint Venture CEO Rusell Hancock. "But we quickly realized that the online format has a huge upside: we're no longer constrained by time and space, and we can host a global audience. "The conference will feature a thorough briefing on the Silicon Valley Index, and 2020 presidential hopeful Julián Castro will cap the proceedings. There will be sessions on the region's most pressing issues, cameos by entertainers, comic relief and more.

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Joint Venture secures action by California Energy Commission

gasoline pump graphicJanuary 12, 2021 – As a result of direct efforts by Joint Venture calling for transparency, the California Energy Commission (CEC) has for the first time made public how much gasoline California’s top cities consume. The data reveals that Los Angeles and San Diego sell the most gasoline annually, at 551 million gallons and 455 million gallons, respectively. Of the largest cities, Sacramento consumes the most gasoline per capita, at 541 gallons per person per year. Riverside County’s city of Corona tops the overall list for per capita gasoline consumption, at 665 gallons per year. 

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Data Release: Silicon Valley unemployment falls to 5.1% in November

cover imageDecember 18, 2020 – Silicon Valley’s unemployment rate continued its gradual decline since the pandemic-high of 11.6% in April, decreasing by a fraction (0.8) of a percentage point to 5.1% between mid-October and mid-November, according to analysis released by Joint Venture’s Institute for Regional Studies. The November data reflects month-over-month upticks in retail jobs (specifically Clothing & Clothing Accessory, and General Merchandise Stores), and restaurant/food service jobs. Impacts of November restrictions still unclear.

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Joint Venture launches high-speed network for East Palo Alto

mapJanuary 8, 2021 - As part of its ongoing effort to bridge the digital divide, the Community Broadband Initiative at Joint Venture, in partnership with the County of San Mateo, has deployed a high-speed broadband wireless network pilot program to serve East Palo Alto parks. The network will reduce monthly operating costs for local organizations, test emerging wireless technologies, and provide much-needed public Wi-Fi coverage. “Covid-19, coupled with remote work and education, has highlighted our need for connectivity.” said East Palo Alto Mayor Regina Wallace-Jones. 

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Amazon Smile: Support Joint Venture while you shop

Amazon Smile logoJoint Venture is participating in the AmazonSmile program. Every time you shop at, a portion of your sales (0.5%) goes to support our work. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Joint Venture every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to support Joint Venture’s work in your community.

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Silicon Valley Indicators

indicators home page Comprehensive information and data about the Silicon Valley ecosystem is always available at

Data and charts from the Silicon Valley Index (and more) are presented on an interactive website that allows users to explore Silicon Valley trends. Indicators are presented by the Institute for Regional Studies. Housed within Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the Institute provides data and analysis on issues facing dense metropolitan regions.

What is Joint Venture Silicon Valley?

Established in 1993, Joint Venture brings together Silicon Valley’s established and emerging leaders—from business, government, academia, labor and the broader community—to spotlight issues and work toward innovative solutions. In this short video see what Silicon Valley leaders have to say about the organization.

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Top Downloads

Silicon Valley Commercial Space - Q3 2020

report cover The Institute’s latest quarterly commercial real estate report prepared in partnership with JLL Silicon Valley showed a significant decline in commercial leasing activity and a rise in office space vacancies near transit stations.

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Research Brief: Food Insecurity & Distribution

report cover The Institute’s latest research brief illustrates how the region’s residents have fared during the pandemic, outlining the impact of the decline in employment on regional food needs, and the rapid response of emergency food distribution efforts.

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Silicon Valley COVID-19 Impacts: Transportation, Emissions & Air Quality

report cover The Institute has released a report that examines the reduction in Silicon Valley’s regional ground and air transportation, declines in traffic delays, as well as the impact of those reductions on transportation-related injury crashes, regional air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Silicon Valley Index - 2020

cover Silicon Valley continues its upward spiral with employment growth, eye-popping land transactions, and venture capital flowing into record numbers of megadeals. Yet conditions are harsh for the broad peripheries of the population as inequality reaches new dimensions.

Learn more about the Silicon Valley Index online at

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Bridging The Gap (Second Edition) - December 2019

report cover Written primarily for municipal employees, elected local government officials, and civic leaders to help guide their understanding of new and future wireless technologies, this second edition of Bridging The Gap (first published in 2016) updates previous material on the socio-economic value of wireless technologies and the interplay of local vs. federal public policy regarding permitting and costs, and adds sixteen pages of new material on topics including; 5G cellular, CBRS, and reviews of peer-reviewed scientific and academic studies on electromagnetic field (EMF) safety.

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In The News

January 11, 2021 - (Mercury News) - Happy 50th birthday to the name “Silicon Valley”: ...Joint Venture Silicon Valley CEO Russell Hancock has been preaching that philosophy for more than a decade. More

January 8, 2021 - (Silicon Valley Business Journal) - 2021: IN THE SHADOW OF COVID - Of the $5.6 billion in PPP loans received by 48,000 Valley businesses, the 84% that were small got only 26% of the money, according to analysis by Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Institute for Regional Studies. According to Rachel Massaro, the institute’s research director, three-quarters of the two counties’ combined investible wealth of $587 billion is held by just 13% of its 1 million households. More

January 5, 2021 - (The Hill) - Google workers make waves with new labor union: “Silicon Valley companies from the very beginning have seen unions as not relevant to what they do ... and have actively opposed unionization,” said Margaret O’Mara, a professor of history at the University of Washington [and distinguished fellow at Joint Venture]... More

January 4, 2021  - (KPIX-CBS News) - Google Workers Vote To Form Company’s First-Ever Union; Will Workers At Other Silicon Valley Tech Giants Follow? "Employees feel they have a role to play in these important management decisions," said Russell Hancock, CEO of Joint Venture.  More

January 2, 2021 - (Mercury News) - Borenstein: The radical shift in Bay Area housing, jobs and transit - “Now we see that it can be done, that the economy continues, that life goes on,” says Russell Hancock, president and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley. More

January 2, 2021 - (Pacifica Tribune) - Borenstein: The radical shift in Bay Area housing, jobs and transit - “Now we see that it can be done, that the economy continues, that life goes on,” says Russell Hancock, president and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley. More

December 31, 2020 - (Silicon Valley Business Journal) - Rewind 2020: Year's biggest Silicon Valley news topics set to keep going in 2021 - What business is not used to, says Rachel Massaro, research director of the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, is a rate that’s a result of government policy to meet a health crisis rather than economic factors... More

December 28, 2020 - (New York Times) -  The Most-Read Stories of 2020: Some big tech companies are leaving California, fleeing wildfires and higher taxes. But Silicon Valley’s obituary has been written prematurely before, Prof. Margaret O’Mara of the University of Washington [and distinguised fellow at Joint Venture] argues. More

December 28, 2020 - (Baltimore Sun) - The year inequality became less visible, and more visible, than ever: “It’s been a very long time since people across the income spectrum felt that acting in the collective interest was going to be more beneficial than acting in individual interests,” said Margaret O’Mara, a historian at the University of Washington [and distinguised fellow at Joint Venture].   More

December 22, 2020 - (Marin Independent Journal) - Opinion: Marin targeted as Bay Area agencies wage war on suburbs - Those stakeholders include Joint Venture Silicon Valley, big businesses’ Bay Area Council, the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, and the influential Building Industry Association of the Bay Area.   More

December 18, 2020 - (Mercury News) - Coronavirus economy: Bay Area, California job growth sputters - “These are numbers we fully expected,” said Russell Hancock, president of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a San Jose-based nonprofit. More

December 16, 2020 - (ZDNet) - AR Outlook: Why 2020 was prelude to hot 2021 AR sector - David Witkowski, IEEE Senior Member and executive director of Joint Venture's civic technologies initiative, cites lingering health risks as a factor in AR's continuing growth. More

December 11, 2020 - (Mercury News) - Oracle to move headquarters from Bay Area to Texas: Russell Hancock, CEO of the think tank Joint Venture Silicon Valley, took a different view on the moves by Oracle and HPE. More

December 11, 2020 - (Marketplace) - What can Facebook learn from the attempt to break up Microsoft? Margaret O'Mara, distinguised fellow at Joint Venture's Institute for Regional Studies, looks back at the Microsoft anti-trust case to see if it offers any lessons for today’s tech giants. More