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Knight Foundation invests in Joint Venture project

Knight Foundation logo and JVSV logoAugust 10, 2020 - The Knight Foundation has entrusted funds to SVTP and the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) to create a responsive program for local non-profits struggling to raise funds and deliver services amid conditions none of them could have anticipated. Fueled by Knight’s donor-advised funds at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, part of their commitment to Silicon Valley Strong, the project will enable participating non-profits to host focus groups, conduct surveys, and test potential solutions, with the help of pro bono experts in market research. SVTP and SVCN will utilize these findings to develop a responsive model of support that offers a diverse network of support to our region’s nonprofit organizations over the coming years of recovery.

To volunteer, or suggest projects, contact Ashley Raggio.

Joint Venture weighs in on 5G

IEEE podcastAugust 10, 2020 - David Witkowski, executive director of Joint Venture's Civic Technologies Initiative will moderate a panel of wireless industry veterans on the challenges in 5G deployment including public pushback, policy, and public vs. private options, and offer some possible solutions. 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, promises improved performance of mobile broadband for consumer devices such as smartphones. The podcast is the second in a series, produced by the IEEE a global organization of professional engineers.

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Twilio names Joint Venture a Community Hero

Joint Venture: Community Hero: 450 meals delivered by the Food Recovery initiativeAugust 10, 2020 - Joint Venture has been recognized as a Community Hero by Twilio, a cloud-based communications company based in San Francisco. “During these challenging times brought on by the global pandemic and the continued fight for racial justice, we want to highlight the incredible organizations doing amazing work to help people during this time of crisis,” said Twilio’s announcement.

Twilio will publicly recognize Joint Venture’s Food Recovery and Civic Technologies initiatives for their activities during the pandemic.

Talent Partnership empowers students with online learning

photo of someone typing on laptop with book next to themAugust 7, 2020 - Joint Venture’s Silicon Valley Talent Partnership's (SVTP) pro bono volunteers are assisting students at the College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) with distance learning. CAA, a nonprofit that offers a collegiate experience to adults with special needs, has shifted all of its courses to Zoom since the lockdown. SVTP has matched skilled volunteers to help coach CAA students through this new method of learning. “Classes have been a true blessing for the students, their families, & the CAA staff,” said DeAnna Pursai, executive director of CAA. “The students feel so proud to be able to showcase their abilities and what they are capable of contributing through their classes.”

To volunteer, or suggest projects, contact Ashley Raggio.

PROFILE: Gary Dillabough - urban visionary

Photo courtesy of Silicon Valley Business Journal

August 10, 2020 - Mention the name Gary Dillabough in Silicon Valley circles, social or professional, and people listen. Dillabough, a former eBay vice president and venture capitalist, created the development firm Urban Community with longtime Silicon Valley builder Jeff Arrillaga in 2017. As front-man for the organization, Dillabough has gained a reputation for not just getting things done, but getting things done well.

Baltimore-born Dillabough has served on the Joint Venture board of directors since 2019.

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Silicon Valley Indicators

indicators home page Comprehensive information and data about the Silicon Valley ecosystem is always available at

Data and charts from the Silicon Valley Index (and more) are presented on an interactive website that allows users to explore Silicon Valley trends. Indicators are presented by the Institute for Regional Studies. Housed within Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the Institute provides data and analysis on issues facing dense metropolitan regions.

Investors Spotlight

Donors invest in Joint Venture with both general support and project-specific gifts. Support from the community enables us to provide innovative solutions to issues that confront our regional economies and quality of life. Here are just a few of our many investors:

Greenwaste/Zanker logo Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center logo city of Burlingame logo

Joint Venture offers a variety of support and sponsorship opportunities for individuals, corporations, and public sector organizations. To inquire about becoming a member of our Investors Council, call (408) 298-9330 or visit our Become an Investor page. To see our current investors, visit our investors pages.

What is Joint Venture Silicon Valley?

Established in 1993, Joint Venture brings together Silicon Valley’s established and emerging leaders—from business, government, academia, labor and the broader community—to spotlight issues and work toward innovative solutions. In this short video see what Silicon Valley leaders have to say about the organization.

A Visit with CEC Leadership

At our January CPC/SEEDZ quarterly meeting, hosted by Google, we were honored to be joined by Chair Robert Weisenmiller and Deputy Director of Energy Research and Development Laurie ten Hope of the California Energy Commission. In this newsletter, we highlight their visit and new opportunities for our region to play a leading role in achieving California’s aggressive energy and environmental goals.

In Silicon Valley, energy customers, solution providers, municipalities, institutions and utilities are deploying the nation’s most advanced ‘smart energy’ solutions at scale, defined by new levels of performance and sustainability.

As a recent example, the number of plug-in and battery electric vehicles in Silicon Valley has grown by nearly 700% in the past 18 months. EVs supplied by distributed renewable resources and/or the local grid offer dramatic efficiency and GHG benefits in our area versus conventional vehicles. Indeed, EVs and EV infrastructure have rapidly become integral elements in the smart energy network of the future.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback about SEEDZ.

Thanks for your interest!

Don Bray,
SEEDZ Executive Director

What's New In This Issue:

• California Energy Commission Chair Weisenmiller Discusses State Energy Policy
• EPIC ‘Pre-Proposal Roundtables’ Scheduled
• EV Infrastructure Workshop Keys Formation of Interest Group
• Sunnyvale Community Solar Feasibility Study Released

What's New

CEC Chair Weisenmiller Discusses Evolving State Energy Policy

Commissioner Weisenmiller chairs a five-member commission that is responsible for overseeing California’s energy forecasting, research and development, renewable energy development, efficiency standards, transportation alternatives, contingency planning, and the Integrated Energy Policy Report.

In his wide-ranging remarks, he outlined the state’s current energy policy and goals, the status of AB 32 implementation, and the impending 2014 AB32 Scoping Plan Update. He described how the state’s progressive energy policies - past, present, and future - have helped drive California’s investment and leadership in areas such as energy efficiency, renewables, demand programs and transportation energy.

The state’s new Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) was adopted in 2012 by the California Public Utilities Commission to support development and deployment of next generation clean energy technologies. The mission of EPIC, said Weisenmiller, is to fill critical funding gaps in advancing technologies and solutions that provide California’s IOU ratepayers with “clean, affordable and reliable electricity and help enable the 21st century power grid.” Competitive solicitations for select funding initiatives will start being released early this year, he said.

Chair Weisenmiller’s presentation to the SEEDZ team

EPIC ‘Pre-Proposal Roundtables’ Scheduled

As noted by Chair Weisenmiller, several hundred million dollars in smart energy research and deployment grants are being made available under California’s new EPIC program in the coming months. SEEDZ is conducting a series of seven EPIC Pre-proposal Roundtables for interested SEEDZ participants during February and March.

The seven roundtables are organized by EPIC funding area: building energy efficiency, electric vehicles, demand response and customer-side storage, distributed generation, grid monitoring and DER integration, innovation cluster, and community and training.

The goals of the roundtables are to:

convene SEEDZ organizations interested in possibly pursuing EPIC grant funding in a given funding area.

review specific related initiatives as currently defined by the CEC.

engage in a group discussion of related experience, priorities, and possible proposal approaches and teaming roles.

help participants determine degree of fit and interest in teaming to pursue specific EPIC grant opportunities going forward.

EV Infrastructure Workshop Keys Interest Group Formation

In November, SEEDZ conducted an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Workshop, hosted by Juniper Networks. More than 700 charging stations have been recently deployed by employers in the SEEDZ area, with many more installations planned.

The workshop featured SEEDZ survey results on EV infrastructure deployment trends, governance, and related challenges at ten local employers. In addition, experts from Google, SAP, ChargePoint, PG&E, GridScape, EPRI, Green Charge Networks and LBNL discussed opportunities and challenges for EV infrastructure from the perspective of the infrastructure hosting energy customer, EVSE network provider, system integrator and utility.

As an outgrowth of the workshop, the SEEDZ EV Infrastructure Interest Group was launched to help practitioners at local organizations establish and share best practices for EV infrastructure and expansion. At the group’s first meeting in January, attendees identified key issues and areas of focus. These included establishing a collective ‘rule of thumb’ for scaling targets and strategies, approaches for managing driver/user behavior, communications protocols, physical configuration and optimization, energy management approaches, EV parking policies and incentives, procurement/RFP processes, EVSE and cloud feature development and rate and/or penalty structures.

The next SEEDZ EV Infrastructure Interest Group is scheduled for Tuesday March 18th at NetApp. Please contact Lisa Bruner for more information if you are interested in attending.

Sunnyvale Community Solar Feasibility Study Released

At its November 26th meeting, the Sunnyvale City Council discussed staff recommendations on ways the City could help advance uptake of solar power within the community. This included programs for community engagement and volume purchase, and the possibility of constructing a large ‘shared’ solar array on city property to provide solar power to community subscribers.

Sunnyvale study cover

To support deployment of net-metered solar within the community, the City Council voted to participate in the American Solar Transformation Initiative's (ASTI) Solar Roadmap Project. Due to current siting and financial uncertainties, the council voted to hold off on constructing a community solar array for now, and opted to reach out to Santa Clara about possible collaboration on a community array.

Joint Venture SEEDZ, in association with Optony and RevGen Consulting, developed the supporting Sunnyvale Community Solar Array Development Feasibility Study, evaluating a range of critical regulatory, financial, and physical site considerations for community solar in Sunnyvale. The study reviews new options for deployment of shared solar resources under California’s recently-passed SB43 Green Tariff Shared Renewables (GTSR) program.

A CPUC rulemaking process is currently shaping the exact details of the SB43 GTSR program, with a final ruling due in July 2014. Rate structures and affinity models as detailed in the ruling will have a significant impact on the practical viability of community shared renewables for the immediate future.

The SEEDZ stakeholders meet regularly under the auspices of Joint Venture’s Climate Prosperity Council, co-chaired by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Accenture Institute Executive Research Fellow Chris DiGiorgio. The council includes representatives from Google, EPRI, NetApp, Optony, PG&E, NASA Ames Research Center, Integral Group, Juniper Networks, Accenture, McCalmont Engineering, Microsoft, the Cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale, and other leading Silicon Valley organizations.

Visit for more information.

How are we defining Smart Energy?

An integrated portfolio of new practices, standards and technologies for improved performance and sustainability in the generation, distribution and use of energy throughout the community.

For more information about SEEDZ, please contact:

Don Bray

Executive Director, SEEDZ
(408) 298-9338(408) 298-9338

Or visit us on the web at

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