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Silicon Valley Prospector Wins Multiple Awards

Silicon Valley ProspectorSilicon Valley Prospector, a commercial real estate tool originated by Joint Venture, has won two prestigious awards: the Excellence in Economic Development award from the International Economic Development Council, and the Award of Merit from the California Association for Local Economic Development. More than merely a data base, Silicon Valley Prospector is a powerful tool for demographic analysis provided through a partnership of Joint Venture cities and the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers.

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Help Us Eliminate Dead Spots!

In last month’s newsletter, we told you about Joint Venture’s continuing efforts to improve cell phone coverage, by working in partnership with cities and carriers. Now you can tell us where you’re having reception problems, without even leaving your chair. Joint Venture is tabulating and charting our region’s dead spots so we can address each one of them systematically, and you can help by tipping us off about the spots that vex you the most. It’s easy—all you have to do is fill in a short form on our website, anonymously if you choose. We will forward the information to the carriers and the cities for action.

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Doug Henton Opines on Innovation

Doug HentonDoug Henton, long-time Joint Venture activist and lead economist on the Silicon Valley Index, shared his passion for regional issues on the op-ed page of the San Jose Mercury News. His August 17th editorial argued that California and Silicon Valley are role models in supporting technology innovation, citing Joint Venture’s “Smart Health” initiative as a leading example.

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Join Us September 6th for “The Right to Learn”

Joint Venture is contemplating an initiative to raise the quality of teaching in Silicon Valley. With that as a back drop, Stanford University education professors Linda Darling-Hammond and Susanna Loeb will discuss the future of teaching, in the second installment of “Valley Views”, a series sponsored by Joint Venture and the Commonwealth Club. Darling-Hammond and Loeb will Linda Darling-Hammond and Susanna Loebpresent results of a multi-year Stanford study, Getting Down to Facts which found, among other things, significant inefficiencies in teacher training and professional development. The program starts at 8 a.m. on Sept. 6th at the AMD Commons Auditorium, 991 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale. Tickets are $15.

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Joint Venture Spotlight
Meet Brian Moura

Brian Moura

Working for a small city, San Carlos Assistant City Manager Brian Moura nonetheless casts a big shadow. Co-chair of Joint Venture’s Wireless Silicon Valley project and a Smart Valley board member, Moura is an award-winning public servant with breath-taking command of finance and the telecommunications field. Active in Joint Venture since its founding 14 years ago, Moura has also worked on projects in education, voting, and city permits. In addition to chairing the Wireless initiative, Moura is also involved in Joint Venture’s climate protection task force.

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