2019 State of the Valley Program

7:00 am

Enjoy Music and Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and music by the San Jose Jazz High School All-Stars. Visit the booths and exhibits.

Music provided courtesy of Therma.

8:00 am

Welcome, Conference Overview

  • Honorable SAM LICCARDO
    Mayor, City of San Jose
    Co-Chair of the Board, Joint Venture Silicon Valley
    CEO, Brigade
    Co-Chair of the Board, Joint Venture Silicon Valley

8:15 am

The Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Silicon Valley’s Annual Check-up: A Briefing on the 2019 Index

The Index has been telling the Silicon Valley story since 1995. The indicators measure the dynamism of our economy and the health of our community, highlighting challenges and providing an analytical foundation for decision making.

  • Russell Hancock
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Joint Venture Silicon Valley
    President, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

9:00 am

BREAK - Enjoy a coffee break while you network, listen to the San Jose Jazz High School All-Stars, and visit the Exhibitor tables.

Music provided courtesy of Therma.

9:15 am

The Applied Materials

The Bay Area in 2070

For generations Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area have been the envy of the world, because of our region’s economic dynamism and vibrant quality of life. But today we’re socked with the nation’s highest housing prices, debilitating congestion, growing income inequality, continuous natural disasters, and a host of other forces that threaten our well-being.

How shall we plan for our future? What do we want the Bay Area to look like in 50 years? What actions should we be taking now that will make us more high-functioning, more inclusive, more equitable, and more resilient all while continuing to grow our economy?

In this session, Joint Venture will share the stage with SPUR, an organization engaged in a long-term scenario planning process for the region. SPUR planners will present those scenarios, and Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock will engage them in conversation about the structural changes that must occur in order to win our future.

  • Alicia John-Baptiste
    Interim CEO
  • Egon Terplan
    Regional Planning Director

This session is brought to you in partnership with SPUR.

10:00 am

BREAK - Enjoy a coffee break while you network, listen to the San Jose Jazz High School All-Stars, and visit the Exhibitor tables.

Music provided courtesy of Therma.

10:15 am

The Microsoft

Silicon Valley and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is on the precipice of a fourth industrial revolution, one driven largely by Silicon Valley innovators.

The first revolution was marked by (steam-powered) machines; the second harnessed electricity and introduced mass production. The third unfolded here in Silicon Valley, leveraging electronics to usher in the information age.

The fourth is conceivably the most disruptive of all, and it too emanates from Silicon Valley: artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, materials science, and the convergence of IT with bio- and nanotechnology. All of it leads to a symbiosis between microelectronics, our bodies, the built environment, the movement of goods and people, and virtually everything in us and around us.

This fourth revolution will improve the quality of living and fuel rapid economic growth. However, the revolution also stands to eliminate entire classes of jobs in favor of machines. Will it replace those jobs with more rewarding opportunities for the bulk of humanity? Or will it usher in a period of massive displacement, leading to widespread unrest?

In this session the world’s leading practitioners and interpreters of this revolution will chart the future as they see it, and explore the ramifications.

  • Murat Sömnez
    Managing Director
    World Economic Forum
  • Fei-Fei Li
    Professor of Computer Science
    Co-Director, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute
    Stanford University
  • Dan’l Lewin (moderator)
    Computer History Museum

This session presented with generous support and leadership from the Computer History Museum.

11:00 am


What Can Silicon Valley Learn from Los Angeles?

Greater Los Angeles has 10 million people living in a 4,000 square-mile basin that has long been known as the ultimate car-centric region. But in 2016 Angelenos united behind the boldest infrastructure initiative in American history, a sweeping $120 billion plan to build 100 miles of new rail systems, dramatically swell the bus fleet, and invest in futuristic modes of transit. Los Angeles is also confronting its homelessness crisis through unprecedented regional alliances, addressing income inequality by raising the minimum wage and creating record numbers of jobs.

Californians are quick to point out the cultural and other difference between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, when in fact the two regions share largely similar challenges. Recently, however, Los Angeles has united behind a bold new vision for their region and they are taking decisive action—more decisive, it would seem, than the Bay Area. What lessons can we learn from their experience?

  • The Honorable Eric Garcetti
    42nd Mayor, City of Los Angeles

11:30 am

BREAK - Enjoy a coffee break while you network, listen to the San Jose Jazz High School All-Stars, and visit the Exhibitor tables.

Music provided courtesy of Therma.

11:45 am

The Accenture

Keynote Presentation
Silicon Valley and the National Scene

The conference concludes with an examination of Silicon Valley in the broader national context. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham will examine the present moment in America’s politics and bring historical context to the issues and events that are dividing us as a nation.

  • Jon Meacham
    Presidential Historian and Author, The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels

12:30 pm