by Russell Hancock

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Hello Joint Venture Friends and Followers:

We're blogging, as of now.


Why not?

We communicate, a lot. We have a rich website, a regular newsletter, a stream of releases, and a healthy social media presence. But what's missing from all of those is the personal voice, the one where we still have our thinking caps on as we try to make sense of hard things. What's missing is the first person voice altogether.

When the COVID crisis hit I felt like it was a good time for Joint Venture to add the first person voice into the mix. There's something about a crisis that brings people closer together, and it's because we're suddenly willing—or required—to be more vulnerable with each other, more raw, more authentic. That's what this blog will be: a window onto your Joint Venture team before the press release. You'll see us confused, befuddled, curious, exploratory, experimental and above all authentic. Nothing here will be moderated or polished. It's just your Joint Venture team being real, and maybe even personal.

I hope you'll enjoy getting to know us this way. I'm proud of our team, for what we're doing and the way we're doing it. I think above all you'll see how much everybody cares about their work and about the good of our region.



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Russell Hancock is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Joint Venture Silicon Valley. You can learn more about Russ on his bio page.

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