by Ashley Raggio

Volunteer Process flow chart

As our reality has shifted before our eyes, we wanted to use our strength of connecting nonprofits with skilled volunteers to support their organizations as they face the challenges brought on by Covid-19. By working together with Silicon Valley Strong and the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) we have a growing database of eager, talented volunteers to match directly to urgent community projects. We are able to match projects right away as they come to us directly from our community partners or through SVCN's outreach.

It has been exciting to match such different projects each day and to see the wealth of talent our community is offering. For example, I might connect a Vietnamese speaking volunteer to call and check-in with homebound seniors and then find software engineers to support the large demand on the County's 2-1-1 resource hotline. Amidst the daily news cycle and trying to manage Common Core math with my kids, this work has given me a daily dose of hope and community which I am grateful for.

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Ashley Raggio is the director of Joint Venture's Silicon Valley Talent Partnership Initiative. You can learn more about Ashley on her bio page.

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