by Shika Acolatse

When We Call Home

What do we call home

Where we recognize every creak the walls make

Every footstep getting closer

I wake up in a place that feels

that is so familiar

One that I call home

Is it the one within four walls ?

Or is it my community that has called for me

For me to be helped and to also help others who need help to see

It took me a long time to get over my pride and confide in those

willing to lead

I have moved on from a place of perils and pain

And reframed my state of mind.

It wasn’t an easy feat

When I hear the news it makes my stomach churn,

And my mind yearns for peace and quiet

As I look around, I see my world made violent

The country whose soil I sink my feet into

The wind making me sway as I stand here and think

Terrified of the world

Or terrified of the changing tide

Hope negates the fear I feel

I see change that is tangible

Change that is real

There is so much work to be done

Don't forget yourself

Don't forget what could be won

WE are here to make positive change

We are here to unite

Gather round and join us in our everlasting fight



We’ll weather the weather whether

We march together or walk hand in hand

How do you feel about being in this new age of enlightenment

Hate is no longer the front runner

A bunch of kids who want to change things from the way they were


Are willing to help lead

We know how to innovate, create, become the change

We have reframed our state of mind

Only to find home within each other

We are all hungry for it

The beginning is written at a time I was at peace

But my peace lease is up

Time to move out of my mind

Our fates are intertwined

We are unrefined



Making mistakes

Once we enter adulthood they'll raise the stakes

This world we live in is ours

The only one have

Hopefully, it can get better

Become the best it will ever be

One day

Even the close-minded will see

We can all call each other home

About the Author

Shika Acolatse is 19 and a student at Azusa Pacific University. She shared this poem via Zoom at the briefing for the Silicon Valley Poll, October 12, 2021.

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