Let’s get back to bicycles

by David Witkowski

family biking on road in traffic

Remember only a year ago, when shared mobility systems were simultaneously venture capital darlings and the scourge of local governments? Touted as a way to connect people to transit and as an alternative to cars for short trips, shared mobility bicycles and electric scooters showed up almost overnight on the streets of cities across the country and around the world. Reviled by some, but clearly loved by many, those shared mobility systems enticed people to get out of their cars and rediscover the childhood joy of getting around without a car.

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Connecting nonprofits with skilled volunteers, even from home

by Ashley Raggio

Volunteer Process flow chart

As our reality has shifted before our eyes, we wanted to use our strength of connecting nonprofits with skilled volunteers to support their organizations as they face the challenges brought on by Covid-19. By working together with Silicon Valley Strong and the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) we have a growing database of eager, talented volunteers to match directly to urgent community projects. We are able to match projects right away as they come to us directly from our community partners or through SVCN's outreach.

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