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Connecting Through Music

As you may or may not know, our CEO, Russell Hancock, has a second life. The life of a concert pianist. Some of you may have attended his concerts, where he performs as the pianist for the Saint Michael Trio. But now we're all stuck at home. Making concert attendance impossible. How do we share in the joy of music? Well, we may have an answer. We humbly present: Concerts From the Couch. Now you can sit on the couch, in your home, and listen to Russ play piano in his home.

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Understatement of the year?

by Rachel Massaro

toilet paper on shelves

This morning we released our latest Institute report showing that Silicon Valley’s unemployment rate soared to an unprecedented 11.7% — higher than any other year on record. With 30% of our households unable to meet their basic needs without assistance BEFORE the pandemic, and nearly a quarter of all renters spending more than half of their gross (not net!) income on rent, a 12% unemployment rate is extremely concerning. Our residents are struggling, and facing seriously difficult decisions — like whether to pay their bills or feed their families.

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Most definitely the "tip of the iceberg"

by Rachel Massaro


It’s sad but true… we’re facing just the tip of the COVID-iceberg (collective global sigh). But I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re using the phrase “tip of the iceberg” all too frequently these days. It’s in the headlines ALL.THE.TIME. And I’m as guilty as everyone else – see my quote in the Silicon Valley Business Journal (eeek!). So, I polled my friends and family for alternatives to that phrase, and here are all the (PG-rated) options they came up with: scratching the surface, a drop in the bucket, just the beginning, first layer of the onion, and start of a long race. Insert head-scratching emoji here.

Google alternatives and you’ll come up with a total of zero relevant or useful results (if you can prove me wrong – please do!).

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