The most useful COVID-19 case maps

by Rachel Massaro

NY Times COVID-19 map

One of the most important roles we play at the Institute for Regional Studies is collecting data, aggregating it on the regional level, and providing it to the community at large. We’ll continue to play this role through the COVID-19 crisis, tracking indicators like unemployment, real estate, and many others. However, the tracking of coronavirus case counts by location is happening all over the place – by county public health departments, federal and state agencies, international organizations, news media, search engines, and other open access trackers.

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Joint Venture’s new home

by Mick Greco

office rendering 1

Coworking, hot desking or simply working from home… The past few years have seen organizations provide creative, nontraditional and, particularly in the age of COVID-19, remote ways to work for their employees. With that as our backdrop, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic for Joint Venture to double down on the value of a physical address by moving to a new space in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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Let's raise a glass to the inventors of the internet

by David Witkowski

I was saddened to learn that Vint Cerf, considered a “father of the internet”, contracted COVID-19 in late March. Thankfully, he’s since reported being on the road to recovery. News of his illness came just after we were ordered to shelter-in-place, and the country began waking up to a reality we work-from-home folks have known for many years - fast and reliable internet access is critical for daily life.

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