Meet the Joint Venture Team

Emily Breslin

Benest Fellow

Emily Breslin headshot Emily Breslin came to Joint Venture as our Benest Fellow for 2018-2019. The program honors the legacy of former Palo Alto city manager Frank Benest, a tireless champion of regionalism and a long-serving member of the Joint Venture board of directors. He is now retired and serves on our Senior Advisory Council.

Emily is a graduate student at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, where she is receiving her master's degree in Urban Management & Design. She is writing her thesis on the Bay Area's mobility issues, and she will do the research and writing at Joint Venture. Her current research includes designing new business models and partnerships between private and public transportation providers, infrastructure and policy supporting low carbon mobility, and better understanding the relationship between 'rural' and 'urban' areas.

Previously, Emily oversaw branding, communications, and editorial development for SVG Partners, an impact investment firm in Silicon Valley focused on agriculture and food technologies. Prior to SVG Partners, she was marketing manager for SAP's global startup engagement program, where she managed online content and community engagement with HANA software developers, as well as ran major Smart City, Autonomous Vehicle, Smart Health, and AgTech events in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Emily received a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis. In her free time, Emily enjoys mountain bike racing, writing and art projects.

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