Webinar: Clean Car Future

The Race to the Clean Car Future: Which State Will be First?

Wednesday, December 9
12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET)

Join experts from Coltura and Joint Venture’s Beyond Gasoline Initiative to discuss the pathway to a clean car future.

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California Governor Newsom issued an executive order calling for all new vehicles sold in the state to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035. A few days later a New York senator introduced a bill to that effect. New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection has also called for a gas car phaseout by 2035. A bill was introduced in Washington State that would speed up the transition to electric vehicles by five years, ending the sale of new gas cars by 2030.

State leadership on clean cars is essential to achieve our climate goals. But to get to a clean-car future, states must navigate legal challenges, political opposition and legislative roadblocks. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is seeking to cut gasoline consumption in the region 50% by 2030, and Los Angeles aims to have 80% of new vehicles sold be electric by 2028.

Which state will lead the way to a clean car future for the United States, and what role will regional efforts play?

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