Meet the Joint Venture Team

Floor Koudijs

Executive Director, Silicon Valley Talent Partnership Initiative

Floor koudijs headshot Floor Koudijs came to Joint Venture in 2018 with a strong background in international relations and management.

Originally from the Netherlands, Floor has been in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2012. Her work experience spans different countries (the Netherlands, Spain and the U.S.) and different sectors (for-profit, non-profit and government). She has experience working for the Dutch National Government, where she implemented a service learning law for the Ministry of Education.

In the Bay Area she served as a senior manager of the Wikipedia Education Program for the Wikimedia Foundation, building a worldwide network of education leaders and mentors. Later, she led the Faculty Operations team at Singularity University to build the infrastructure for the organization to scale and go global. She is also an active volunteer for the Taproot Foundation, where she volunteers her skills to help Bay Area-based non-profits.

Floor has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Spanish IBEI institute and a Master’s in Latin America studies from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

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