Meet the Joint Venture Team

Heidi Young

Senior Researcher, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Heidi Young headshot Heidi Young is a senior researcher at Joint Venture’s Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies. Young is a public policy and economic development practitioner with over 25 years of experience conducting research and influencing policy in communities and organizations across the country.

Heidi has worked as an independent consultant on special projects for Joint Venture Silicon Valley for over a decade with an emphasis on data and trend analysis. Her work has focused on economic impact studies, cluster analyses, work force development studies, and land use and real estate development-related projects. In addition to Heidi’s consulting work, she has led program development at two nonprofits focused on educating audiences about global issues and trends. From assessing impacts on global capital markets and labor flows to putting a policy and societal lens to technological innovation, Heidi has experience in researching a wide range of content areas. Heidi holds an M.P.P from the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley and a B.A. from Smith College with an emphasis on studies in government and economics.

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