SEEDZ Commercial Acceleration for Solar Energy in Silicon Valley (CASE-SV) Program

What is CASE-SV?

CASE-SV is accelerating use of solar energy at commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities in Silicon Valley by bringing together leading corporations and municipalities in a community-based solar procurement program. The CASE-SV program provides free, objective support to qualifying C&I energy customers for solar site assessments, education on technical and financing options, streamlined procurement and contractual processes, and opportunities for local and national recognition.

Key goals for CASE-SV over the next year are to expand use of commercial solar by at least 5 MW in Silicon Valley, and/or deployment of solar at 10 commercial sites in the area. Procurement mechanisms include onsite and offsite solar options, such as direct purchase or PPAs for onsite systems, and purchase by direct access customers of solar energy produced remotely.

The CASE-SV project is a joint effort of the SEEDZ Initiative and the American Solar Transformation Initiative led by Optony. To align the interests of C&I energy customers and municipal agencies in this effort, an advisory committee of ‘anchor’ C&I companies and leaders in the public sector has been organized. This committee includes Kaiser Permanente, Google, NetApp, Juniper Networks, the U.S. EPA, and the Cities of Fremont, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Mountain View.

Why is CASE-SV a Priority Now?

The CASE-SV program is important for many reasons...

  • In much of Silicon Valley, C&I electricity use is the second-largest contributor of GHG emissions after transportation; serving this electricity demand with solar power represents a major opportunity to reduce local GHG emissions and substantially ‘move the needle’ in meeting municipal Climate Action Plan goals.
  • Thousands of acres of commercial rooftops and parking lots in the area can collectively support deployment of solar PV capacity on a very large scale, easily on the order of a hundred megawatts or more.
  • For many commercial energy customers solar PV will pay for itself; on-site solar offers electricity savings and a hedge against future rate increases, and addresses stakeholder interests in clean power and climate leadership.
  • CASE-SV offers C&I companies the benefits of objective, streamlined solar assessments and the ‘momentum’ of group procurement approach.

The time for action on commercial and industrial solar is now.

  • The Federal 30% Investment Tax Credit is set to sunset at the end of 2016.
  • State net metering rules and rates will change in 2017.
  • Average solar PV installation costs are at an all-time low.
  • Commercial demand for electric power is growing in the area.
  • New demands for electricity from EV charging is a natural fit with expansion of solarpower generation in parking lots.

Many leading companies are realizing the benefits of solar and have invested in hundreds of MW of installed solar capacity. As of the end of 2013, on-site solar PV systems have been installed on a multi-megawatt scale by many companies around the country. These companies are seeing good economic returns from their solar investments, and stakeholder benefits associated with demonstration of environmental and community leadership.

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How Does My Organization Engage in CASE-SV?

Companies engaging in the CASE-SV program will be eligible for free assistance with on-site solar assessments, as well as access to a range of solar workshops and procurement and contracting-related resources. CASE-SV will investigate implementation of onsite, net-metered renewable energy for C&I customers as well as other options that go beyond onsite installations. Benefits to participating companies are summarized below:

Best practice sharing

Learn from other companies’ recent local experiences with solar projects, and from industry experts.

Solar seminars

Participate in solar project workshops on technology, financing, and contracting.

Independent energy estimates

Assistance with screening sites for solar power generation potential and associated economic benefits.

Expert assistance

Access technical assistance throughout the planning, procurement, and contracting phases.

Sustainability choices

Find the best solution with a menu of alternative clean energy options for challenging solar sites.

Credible vendors

Receive a short list of quotes from solar providers qualified in industry-leading specifications.

Local & national recognition

Committed businesses can become a Joint Venture Silicon Valley Solar Champion and may be eligible to join EPA’s Green Power Partnership.

Engagement in the CASE-SV program begins with a high-level conversation with the CASE-SV team. Through an initial phone call or visit, sites are identified for potential solar deployment and procurement interests are discussed. Candidate sites will then be assessed for electricity generation potential, financial and environmental benefits, and financial reutrns under various procurement options. We are now actively recruiting interested CASE-SV participants that meet the following general criteria:

  • Interest in offsetting energy use with renewable solar power.
  • Ability to participate and potentially contract for solar in 2014-15.
  • Commercial property owners and/or long-term tenants in Silicon Valley area.
  • Minimum 5,000 square feet unshaded rooftop, parking lot, or open space.

For more information and to schedule an initial CASE-SV meeting, please contact Eileen Hays, CASE-SV Project Manager, or one of the other contacts listed below:

Eileen Hays, Optony | | (847) 975-2029

Ben Foster, Optony |

Don Bray, Joint Venture Silicon Valley |

Rachel Massaro, Joint Venture Silicon Valley |

To formally register candidate commercial & industrial sites for CASE-SV evaluation, companies will need to do the following:

  • Fill out and sign a Letter of Participation (PDF).
  • Provide a brief description of the site(s)/facilities and associated facility electricity bills for last 1-2 years.

Download our fact sheets:

CASE-SV Meetings and Events

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