About the Silicon Valley Index

The Silicon Valley Index is a nationally-recognized publication that has been providing analysis on Silicon Valley trends since 1995 as a service to the community. Released by Joint Venture every February, the Index includes research and indicators that measure the strength of our economy and the health of our community—highlighting challenges and providing an analytical foundation for decision-making.

All of the Index data is also available online at www.SiliconValleyIndicators.org. This interactive data hub provides charts and access to the underlying data, links to data sources, and additional related online resources.

What is an indicator?

An indicator is a quantitative measure of relevance to Silicon Valley’s economy and community health, that can be examined either over a period of time, or at a given point in time. Good indicators are bellwethers that reflect the fundamentals of long-term regional health, and represent the interests of the community. They are measurable, attainable, and outcome-oriented.

Reach and impact

  • Leaders from every sector of the community gather each year for Joint Venture’s annual State of the Valley Conference, where we formally release the Silicon Valley Index every February.
  • More than 1,400 hardcopies of the Index are distributed each year, and more than 2,000 additional copies are downloaded annually.
  • The online data hub (www.SiliconValleyIndicators.org) has engaged more than 75,000 unique users in 88 countries.
  • The Index is primarily used for research and benchmarking purposes and as a resource for planning, policy- and decision-making across all economic sectors.
  • Joint Venture’s Index was the first of its kind. There are now dozens of index projects across the country that were modeled after it.

The information that is surfaced by the Index becomes the springboard for all of the programs and initiatives that we undertake at Joint Venture.

Access the indicators online

You can access comprehensive information and data about Silicon Valley’s economic and community health at www.SiliconValleyIndicators.org.

Data and charts from the Silicon Valley Index (and more) are available on a dynamic and interactive website that allows users to further explore Silicon Valley trends.

The site is maintained and constantly updated by Joint Venture's Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, and is a robust collection of charts and information with links to local, regional, and national data sources, as well as additional related online resources within the following categories: People, Economy, Society, Place, and Governance.