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Joint Venture Climate Protection Task Force Wins All-Star Award

The Climate Protection Campaign honored Joint Venture with their Climate All-Star Award at a gathering in San Francisco November 6th. The Santa Rosa-based organization singled out Joint Venture’s Climate Protection Task Force for amassing 40 cities in a region-wide effort to reduce public sector emissions.

California State Senator Fran Pavley, author of the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), presented the award to Joint Venture vice president Seth Fearey.

Click here to learn more about Joint Venture’s Climate Protection Task force.


New SJSU President, New San Mateo County Chief, and Seasoned City Manager Join Joint Venture Board

The Joint Venture Board of Directors unanimously approved the election of three new members at its quarterly meeting Nov. 21 San Jose State University President Jon Whitmore, Cupertino City Manager Dave Knapp and San Mateo County Manager Dave Boesch.

Whitmore fills a seat vacated by retired SJSU President Don Kassing; Knapp replaces retired Palo Alto City Manager Frank Benest; and Boesch takes the seat held by San Mateo County Manager John Maltbie, who retires at the end of this month.

Maltbie will continue his service to the organization as a member Joint Venture’s Senior Advisory Council.

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Sustainable Buildings Initiative Has Lift-Off

More than 70 leaders from the construction industry, business and government attended the official launch event for Joint Venture’s new Sustainable Buildings Initiative October 30th in San Jose.

Those assembled heard from California Energy Commissioner Jeff Byron on the future of Title 24, from San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Executive Officer Bruce Wolfe on water sustainability challenges, and from Doug Rider of CSG Consultants on the latest advances in electronic building plan submittal.

The program featured more than merely talk. Attendees organized into three working groups (water, energy, and electronic plan submission), selected leaders, and began setting priorities.

Berliner Cohen’s Linda LeZotte, who chairs the initiative, pronounced the meeting a suitable start. “We’ve assembled the right people, and seen a strong will to tackle these challenges collectively. What comes next is the hard part, but it’s also the fun part: changing the way we do things. Today’s meeting has made me even more optimistic.”

Click here to read four presentations from the October 30 meeting and to learn more about the Sustainable Buildings Initiative.

Joint Venture CEO Tells Silicon Valley Story in Beijing

Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock accepted an invitation from the Chinese government to address a gathering of 1,200 scientists and local officials assembled at the Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing Nov. 14.

Organized jointly by the Ministry of Science & Technology and the municipal government of Beijing, the meeting featured Nobel Laureates Zores Alferov (St. Petersburg) and Roger Kornberg (Stanford), in addition to Hancock.

Click here to see Hancock’s presentation, on the evolution of Silicon Valley.


Joint Venture Spotlight

Meet Mike Curran

Director, NOVA

Mike Curran knew at a very early age that he was destined for a community service career, and he opted out of an early interest in the priesthood to focus on helping people find, change and prepare for jobs.

Curran has spent the past 23 years as director of NOVA, the regional workforce board administered by the City of Sunnyvale, and is set to retire in the coming months, leaving a void and big shoes to fill. But he won’t be far from the work that he loves.

Valley Vision talked with Mike about his passion for workforce development, his long collaboration with Joint Venture, his future and his family.

Click here to read more about Mike Curran.

Electric Car Visionary Shai Agassi to Spark State of the Valley

Drivers, plug in your engines! Shai Agassi, the former SAP AG executive and founder of Better Place, will bring his all-electric vision to the 2009 State of the Valley conference February 20th.

Better Place, a Palo Alto company developing infrastructure to support electric cars, announced plans last month to develop a $1 billion network in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Agassi’s group is currently building networks for electric cars in Israel and Denmark, and in October announced plans to expand into Australia. On November 20th the company announced plans to move into the U.S. market next, with construction of battery-recharging stations in the Bay Area starting in 2010.

Click here to read the Wall Street Journal’s take on Agassi’s plans for the Bay Area.

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Article of the Month

Obama Needs Silicon Valley
By Russell Hancock

In this special to the San Jose Mercury News, Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock urges President-elect Obama to use technology to govern the same way he used it so effectively to campaign. He also invites Mr. Obama to visit Silicon Valley “soon and often.”

Click here to read the column.