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How we use initiatives to accomplish our work

Joint Venture is often referred to as a “think tank,” a common term for a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. At Joint Venture, we prefer the term “think and do tank.” Along with providing data and guidance on our region’s economic and community challenges, we take action on the most pressing issues by launching initiatives. For each initiative we create a plan, form a working group or task force led by board and community champions who convene to assess the need, and then carry out the necessary activities toward a solution.

The lifecycle of an initiative

All Joint Venture initiatives begin with a specific mission and identifiable goals and then are carried out to their logical conclusion. Successful initiatives culminate with their goals achieved. Others, after incubation by Joint Venture, ultimately transfer to partner organizations for long-term administration. Still others cannot reach the desired outcome due to a variety of circumstances. In all cases, we analyze the steps taken, the data collected, the accomplishments and the shortcomings, and then report the results of completed initiatives to our board and to the community.

Our current initiatives

ethernet cables

Civic Technology

Community Broadband

Improving broadband in Silicon Valley

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woman holding smart phone

Civic Technology

Wireless Communications

Improving wireless network infrastructure in Silicon Valley

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Climate Change

Climate-Safe California

Working to bring California’s climate targets and policies into alignment with current science

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solar panels

Climate Change

Public Sector Climate Task Force

Developing effective solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

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money puzzle

Economic Development

Achieving individual and regional economic development goals

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guy on bike in traffic


Managers Mobility Partnership

Four Silicon Valley cities working jointly to address transportation challenges

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public transit map with SBA logo


Seamless Bay Area

Seeking to transform the Bay Area’s fragmented public transit into a unified and equitable system

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Food Recovery

The Initiative strengthens the local food recovery ecosystem by spurring funding and innovation; propagating food waste prevention and recovery strategies; and supporting government programs focused on the food sector.

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Our recently completed initiatives

food delivery truck

A La Carte

A fleet of trucks staffed by trained personnel who gather prepared and packaged food from corporate and university campuses for delivery to people in need.

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colorful alphabet letters

Alliance for Teaching

Developed a range of efforts that addressed challenges facing K-12 public school teachers in Silicon Valley

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car driving over rolled up architecture plans with solar panels and wind mills in background

Climate Prosperity

United local governments, businesses and institutions in defining and deploying initiatives that address long range environmental challenges.

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Due to the COVID crisis, on March 16, 2020 and at the onset of lockdown orders, Joint Venture re-purposed and redeployed staff and volunteers to be of maximum service to the region.

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11th hour clock

Disaster Preparedness

A regional, cross-boundary initiative in the area of disaster planning and emergency preparedness

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energy storage facility

Energy Storage

A symposium to showcase and monitor progress and new developments of the Storage industry

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people walking downtown

Grand Boulevard

Transforming the El Camino Real Corridor into a people friendly place

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HayWired Connection

Developed to engage with and guide residents, businesses, and policymakers of the bay region in earthquake-risk reduction and resilience-building actions.

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Working to create a relationship-based ecosystem that supports a Silicon Valley economy where all families can thrive

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Manzanita shrub


Manzanita Talks

Talks to explore the logic of cross-sector collaboration to address traffic challenges.

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Team photo at Adobe

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

Tackling some of the region's problems by leveraging the abundance of human capital from Silicon Valley's distinguished corporations

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doctors racing patient to emergency room

Smart Health

Overcoming the barriers inherent in applying information technology to healthcare

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workmen installing solar panels

Solar Procurement

Renewable Energy Procurement (REP)

Regional, multi-agency collaborative purchases of renewable energy for public agency facilities

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green, orange, blue house icons

Sustainable Buildings

Addressed new and existing buildings, from the planning stage to operations, to identify opportunities to save resources and money

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Group of people

Workforce Development

Provided workforce development services for employers and job seekers in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

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