Building Back Better

What are we doing?

Joint Venture Silicon Valley is making regional recovery and the opportunity to ‘build back better’ a significant component of our operations. We are working across economic sectors with leaders and the community to provide coordination, research, a backbone infrastructure, and a framework to convene stakeholders for regional recovery efforts in close partnership with Bridge to Recovery and Equity Forward initiatives.

This initiative is also tasked to provide data, asset mapping, and transparent reporting. Using the Silicon Valley Recovery Roundtable and San Mateo County Recovery Initiative reports as a framework, the Building Back Better initiative will identify opportunities for collaboration, track gaps in resources and leadership, and reduce overlaps.

We are inspired by ‘building back better’, a phrase credited to Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD during the Silicon Valley Recovery Roundtable effort in 2020.

Why are we doing it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating public health and economic impacts in Silicon Valley. It has also magnified and exacerbated the immediate needs of Silicon Valley communities and long-standing structural inequities that have led to a persistent housing crisis, financial instability, and uneven economic mobility for residents of color and undocumented status. The Building Back Better initiative is an answer to the regional need for an equitable economic recovery.

Who's involved?

This initiative was created as a place for coordination and collaboration across sectors in Silicon Valley.

  • We support the Bridge to Recovery collective impact effort that includes active participation from 100+ leaders and community members and is co-sponsored by Joint Venture, Santa Clara County and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.
  • We are a partner in the Equity Forward initiative led by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation with Stanford University’s Social Impact Lab and d.School.
  • We convene key leaders involved in all regional recovery to drive connection, collaboration and solutions.
  • We participate in recovery-related advisory groups in areas such as volunteer support (Silicon Valley Strong), small business, and employer engagement.

What are the latest developments?

  • We hired Quency Phillips as our new Executive Director to lead this new initiative.
  • The Bridge to Recovery (B2R) network, which now has more than 50 organizations across economic sectors, will in July 2021 move its backbone staffing to this Joint Venture initiative to support the operations of the network utilizing a data-driven approach.
  • We are working with a team of students from San Jose State University’s Sbona Honors Program to develop a wireframe for the new recovery reporting microsite including data dashboards, tracking and analysis.

What are the next steps?

  • We are working with Sara Singer, faculty at Stanford University, and some of her students to build out a system for collecting and tracking recovery activities across the region.

Where do I find out more?

To learn more about the initiative, contact:

Ashley Raggio

(408) 316-8889

Building Back Better

Joint Venture's Building Back Better initiative is focused on regional recovery efforts in Silicon Valley.