Recent Developments

  • Nov 2017: Named an Expert Advisor to the California Emerging Technology Fund.
  • Oct 2017: Moderated "Connectivity Infrastructure for the Smart Living Environment" at the TIA Smart Communities conference.
  • May 2017: Partnered with the Smart Cities Council to host Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley.
  • Mar 2017: Presented "Smart Cities – the Challenge of Interoperability" to the International City/County Management Association.
  • Feb 2017: Named a Advisor to the City of San Jose's IT Advisory Board.
  • Nov 2016: Named a Delgate to the Connected City Advisory Board.
  • Nov 2016: Presented "Smart Cities – Smart Regions" to Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance.
  • Nov 2016: Presented "Smart Cities – the Challenge of Interoperability" to the CDX Global Forum.
  • Nov 2016: Presented "Smart Cities – a Regional Strategy" at the Embedded Systems Conference.
  • Oct 2016: Presented "Smart Cities – Smart Regions" to the Local Governance Institute - Taiwan DGPA Government Delegation.

Smart Region

Joint Venture's Smart Region Initiative is focused on education, collaboration, and expertise sharing to drive deployment of regional Smart City systems in the Silicon Valley.

Smart Region Partners

  • County of San Mateo
  • City of Cupertino
  • City of Hayward
  • City of Mountain View
  • City of Morgan Hill
  • City of San Jose
  • City of San Leandro
  • Crown Castle
  • E Ink Corp
  • Verizon Smart Communities

Smart City Drivers

81% of US residents live in urban areas, and this will rise to 87% by 2050. (Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2014)