Recent Developments

  • Dec 2017: Received a grant from the U.S. Geological Survey to conduct research on Earthquake Early Warning systems over telecommunications networks.
  • Dec 2017: Completed authorship of a report to the U.S. Geological Survey on Telecommunications & ICT in the context of on the HayWired earthquake scenario.
  • Nov 2017: Moderated several panels and roundtables at the RAN USA - SCWS Americas conference.
  • Nov 2017: Participated in the "5G Futures Fireside Chat" at the CDX Digital Officer Global Forum.
  • Oct 2017: Participated in the Broadband Live conference hosted by Broadband Networks AG in Bern Switzerland.
  • Sep 2017: In partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey, hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop on Telecommunications and ICT in the context of the HayWired Earthquake scenario.
  • Sep 2017: Moderated "Practical Considerations for Wireless Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way" at the League of California Cities annual conference.
  • Sep 2017: Moderated "Future Networks Think Tank" at the Mobile World Congress Americas conference.
  • Aug 2017: Chaired the Public Wi-Fi SuperCluster for NIST's Global City Teams Challenge. Published the Public Wi-Fi Blueprint at GCTC Expo in Washington D.C.
  • Apr 2017: Presented "5G - Promises & Challenges" to the California Broadband Council.
  • Mar 2017: Presented "5G and the Future of Mobile Networks" to the CETF Board.
  • Mar 2017: Represented JVSV as a delegate to the Humanitarian ICT Forum 2017, UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
  • Mar 2017: Presented "Preparing Local Governments for the HetNet Revolution - a Practical Perspective" at the International Wireless Communications Expo.
  • Feb 2017: Elected to co-chair the Global City Teams Challenge Public Wi-Fi SuperCluster leadership team. Press Release
  • Dec 2016: Conducted a Council Study Session for City of Cupertino on Wireless Facilities Within the Public Right of Way. View the video
  • Sep 2016: Published "Bridging the Gap : 21st Century Wireless Telecommunications Handbook".
  • Jun 2016: Received a grant from the U.S. Geological Survey to provide support for the Haywired Earthquake Scenario.
  • May 2016: Moderated a panel at the International Microwave Symposium in San Francisco CA.
  • Apr 2016: Participated as a panelist at the Wireless West 2016 conference in Anaheim CA.
  • Apr 2016: Participated on the "Connecting Our Communities" panel at the 47th Annual Progress Seminar.
  • Mar 2016: Presented on trends in wireless technology to the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Public Works Association.
  • Mar 2016: Launched an education seminar series targeted at helping municipal employees keep up with trends in wireless communications standards and technology.
  • Jan 2016: Hosted a workshop with the U.S. Geological Survey on communications aspects of their Haywired earthquake scenario.
  • Nov 2015: Moderated a panel at the Radio Club of America's Technical Symposium on the topic of LTE Unlicensed in the 5 GHz U-NII bands. View the video.
  • Nov 2015: Participated in the Telecom Infrastructure Roundtable at City of Morgan Hill to discuss communications elements feeding into the General Plan Update.
  • Apr 2014: Third Annual Broadband & Wireless Roundtable held at the Cupertino Community Hall. Panelists included Sunnyvale Vice-Mayor Jim Davis, David Vossbrink from San Jose, Marc Blakeman from AT&T, and Doug Nolan from Comcast. The Roundtable focused on how communities can be “Fiber Ready” for new and improved broadband networks. There was also an update on the current rule-making proceeding at the Federal Communications Commission. View the presentation slides.
  • Filed Comments at the Federal Communications Commission for its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Docket 13-238 covering 4 areas: Distributed Antenna System (DAS)/Small Cell Regulatory Reform, Temporary Tower Regulatory Reform, Section 6409 ("Collocation by right"), and Input on the 2009 Declaratory Ruling (“Shot Clock”). View the comments.

Wireless Communications

Joint Venture's Wireless Communications Initiative brings together the wireless industry, technology companies, local governments, businesses, and residents to improve wireless networks in the Silicon Valley.

Wireless Initiative Partners

  • AT&T Mobility
  • California State University
  • California Wireless Association
  • City of Campbell
  • City of Cupertino
  • City of Fremont
  • City of Gilroy
  • City of Hayward
  • City of Morgan Hill
  • City of Mountain View
  • City of Oakland
  • City of Palo Alto
  • City of San Mateo
  • City of San José
  • City of San Leandro
  • City of Sunnyvale
  • Comcast
  • County of San Mateo
  • County of Santa Clara
  • County of Santa Cruz
  • Crown Castle
  • Google
  • Hammett & Edison
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mobile Experts LLC
  • Modus, Inc.
  • Oku Solutions LLC
  • Signify
  • Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority
  • SmartWAVE Technologies
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Wave Broadband
  • Wireless Communications Alliance

Mobile Device Usage

Mobile device usage is doubling every 5 years. The largest growth is in industrial devices for the Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Cities.

IHS Markit device use

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