Guide & Appendicies

Purchasing Power: Best Practices Guide to Collaborative Solar Procurement

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Executed Power Purchase Agreements from our Participating Agencies

City of Milpitas (EcoPlexus PPA)

City of Morgan Hill (Borrego PPA)

City of Mountain View (EcoPlexus PPA)

City of Pacifica (EcoPlexus PPA)

County of Santa Clara (Borrego PPA, EcoPlexus PPA)

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SunPower PPA)

South Bay Waste Management Authority (EcoPlexus PPA)

Town of Los Gatos (EcoPlexus PPA)

Request for Proposals (RFP) and Site Listing

Final RFP Document posted on BidSync

Sample PPA (RFP Attachment C)

4-26-10 Addendum

5-3-10 Addendum

6-14-10 Questions & Answers

Request for Information (RFI)

Request for Information (RFI)

RFI Questions/Answers (BidSync)

RFI Results, Summary Charts

The following is a brief summary of the RFI results:

  • 19 vendors responded.
  • Most respondents indicated that their firm had been in business between 2 and 5 years. The significance of this finding is that traditional municipal government procurement criteria require extensive years of experience. Doing so in the renewable energy market would preclude most firms from competition.
  • Most respondents are specialized into either solar ground mount or roof top systems. A few firms indicated expertise in two or more technology areas but these firms tended to be very large vendors.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that the installed cost of power for systems in general was below $0.19 per kwH.  Many firms in the lower cost ranges were newer market entrants.
  • Most respondents indicated that economies of scale exist in collaborative procurement, and that these are quantifiable around 5% for bundled project packages of 10 MW, 15 % for packages of 20 MW, and 20% for packages of 50 MW.  These discounts need to be compared to the cost per kwH of PG&E rates and potential increases over the 20 year period.

Additional Resources

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Media Coverage

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County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors / Board Committee Meeting Documents

View documents here

Climate Prosperity

Joint Venture’s Climate Prosperity program united local governments, businesses and institutions in defining and deploying initiatives that addressed the long-range environmental challenges facing our region and our world. Some of the initiatives that resulted from this program included: the Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ) and our solor procurement projects (R-REP and SV-REP).

Solar Procurement Publications

The Lifecycle of an Initiative

All Joint Venture initiatives begin with a specific mission and identifiable goals and then are carried out to their logical conclusion. Successful initiatives culminate with their goals achieved. Others, after incubation by Joint Venture, ultimately transfer to partner organizations for long-term administration. Still others cannot reach the desired outcome due to a variety of circumstances. In all cases, we analyze the steps taken, the data collected, the accomplishments and the shortcomings, and then report the results of completed initiatives to our board and to the community.