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SVCE Business Workshop - June 28 May 2016
SVCE Business Workshop - June 22 May 2016
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Santa Clara Electric Vehicle Charging Center - Grand Opening Showcase Mar 2016
2016 Community Choice Energy Business Forum Dec 2015
CPC/SEEDZ Quarterly Status Meeting - Dec 16, 2014 Mar 2015
CPC/SEEDZ Quarterly Status Meeting - Sept 12, 2014 Mar 2015
SEEDZ CASE-SV Workshop 3 Oct 2014
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2014 Energy Storage Symposium Materials May 2014
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SEEDZ EPIC Pre-proposal Roundtable Series Feb 2014
CPC/SEEDZ Quarterly Status Meeting - Jan 24, 2014 Feb 2014
SEEDZ Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Workshop Materials Nov 2013
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Solar Procurement Publications

The Lifecycle of an Initiative

All Joint Venture initiatives begin with a specific mission and identifiable goals and then are carried out to their logical conclusion. Successful initiatives culminate with their goals achieved. Others, after incubation by Joint Venture, ultimately transfer to partner organizations for long-term administration. Still others cannot reach the desired outcome due to a variety of circumstances. In all cases, we analyze the steps taken, the data collected, the accomplishments and the shortcomings, and then report the results of completed initiatives to our board and to the community.