EV Infrastructure Group

Why this Matters

The EV Infrastructure Group has been established to provide a structured forum and meeting venue for local organizations and practitioners focused on setting up, managing and expanding their EV infrastructure.

This interest group addresses key practices, challenges for scaling and deployment, solutions, resources, collaboration strategies and other themes relevant to this growing community of Bay Area employers. The group is helping to facilitate development of a shared knowledge base and best practices for deployment of EV infrastructure at the workplace. The group serves as a good representation of demand for workplace EV charging, and real issues faced by these organizations in deploying and managing EV infrastructure. This, in turn, becomes a useful forum for periodic engagement with government agencies, utilities, and third party service providers (suppliers) regarding solutions and approaches that are needed in the market today.

The EV Infrastructure Group meets several times a year at various host locations. For more information, please contact Kara Gross.

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