Adaptation/Sea Level Rise

What are we doing?

Beginning in late 2015, Joint Venture staff and the Santa Clara Valley Water District have convened a group of stakeholders includes representatives from San Francisco Bay-adjacent cities and the County of Santa Clara, as well as relevant state and federal agencies, to discuss sea level rise (SLR) and flood control issues. Additional agencies and partners from the regional level have joined the group as presenters and participants. This initiative broadens, furthers and formalizes the initial effort.

Why are we doing it?

A proliferation of activity in SLR have surfaced the need for more opportunities to gather and disseminate information, as well as formulate and launch local responses. Joint Venture therefore proposes to stand up a group to both support its local government members in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and south Alameda counties (with an emphasis on those who are Bay-adjacent), and to provide programming to the larger community.

It is anticipated that, built on the successful models of the Public Sector Climate Task Force and the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance, a working group comprised primarily of government agency staff from member cities, counties, and special districts, as well as key partners, will meet quarterly.

Who's involved?

A small working group of representative members will work with staff to charter the group’s activities. 

Latest Developments

  • Four meetings of the Santa Clara County Sea Level Rise Discussion Group have been held.
  • A steering committee is forming for the regional group.
  • Outreach discussions with regional and local stakeholders are ongoing.

What are the next steps?

  • Hold quarterly meetings of key staff members from member cities, counties, and other public agencies to share information and best practices.
  • Consider a symposium on SLR and Adaptation activities, studies, projects, and programs.
  • Collaborate with and provide input to regional partners as they develop 9-county approaches and solutions, acting as an implementation arm as needed.
  • Build partnerships and increase the effectiveness of our local agencies as they interface with planning efforts.

Where do I find out more?

To learn more about the Adaptation/SLR Initiative, please contact:

Kara Gross


Our continued success as a region rests on being informed and prepared for the challenges ahead. In September of 2015, Joint Venture extended the mission of our environmental work to include adaptation and resilience. As we prepare for climate change and natural and man-made risks to our region, we will move forward with our members and partners on strategies to mitigate, prepare for, and address those risks. The Resilience Portfolio encompasses the Public Sector Climate Task Force, Adaptation/SLR initiative, and work with the US Geological Survey and local government partners on hazard and emergency preparedness and recovery.