Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

Silicon Valley is a region like no other. Though it faces many complex issues – from affordable housing and homelessness to embracing the future of work – it’s also home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, who are increasingly looking for meaningful ways to engage impact-minded employees beyond traditional volunteering. To address these community challenges, we have to work together and use every tool at our disposal. No one sector owns any of these challenges alone. That’s where we come in.

What we do

We catalyze measurable change in three key local issue areas (education, workforce development and housing/homelessness) by leveraging Silicon Valley’s highly skilled, pro bono human capital.

Through our projects, we are working to create a Silicon Valley in which all sectors actively participate and leverage their expertise to solve the complex community challenges we all share.

Our vision

We want to create a stronger, healthier, happier and more equitable Silicon Valley that engages all sectors in regional problem solving. The issues we face are not simply “public sector” or “private sector” issues; they are broader community issues – and we can all play a part in finding solutions.

Our vision is to create deep and measurable regional change in several key issue areas by strategically developing and stringing together high-impact projects.

Project examples


Marketing experts from Adobe developed a marketing plan for San Mateo County’s Home For All initiative to encourage more homeowners to build second units on their property.

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Consultants from EY-Parthenon developed a strategic roadmap to inform the planning process for Silicon Valley Promise, a Mayor’s Office-led initiative to provide seamless pathways to and through college and on to career success with Silicon Valley employers.

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Workforce Development

Talent recruitment experts from LinkedIn helped work2future’s job centers better identify and source job seekers who will benefit most from their new mandate to promote sector-specific careers and pathways to economic self-sufficiency.

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Benefits of getting involved


  • Unique opportunity for employee professional development and team building
  • Make a direct impact in the community in which your company operates
  • Pro bono programs help your company recruit and retain talented people, who are increasingly seeking impact-minded employers

Public/nonprofit orgs

  • Get access to fresh insights and methodologies outside your realm of expertise
  • Greatly increase your capacity to make progress on important issues
  • Pro bono support helps you unlock potential without straining your resources

Where do I find out more?

If you have a high-impact project idea or want to learn more about how to engage your company’s employees on a pro bono project, please get in touch.

Jenny Weiss
Executive Director

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

We match highly skilled teams from Silicon Valley companies to high-impact, pro bono projects that tackle some of our most pressing community challenges.

Our Model

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We partner with change-making community organizations to scope high-impact projects that move their work forward.

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We recruit pro bono teams from Silicon Valley companies who are highly skilled in the area of expressed need.

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We provide ongoing project management and impact evaluation to ensure project success.

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Multi-Sector Community Impact


“We were so impressed with the final product. By sharing [Adobe’s] marketing expertise, you gave us a new way of thinking about the promotional work we do.”

- Peggy Jensen, San Mateo County Deputy County Manager

“I really enjoyed this experience. These types of partnerships are critical for the future success of cities, so I’m excited to have had the chance to contribute to what I hope is a successful program that supports SJ students who need it.”

- Jourdan Sutton, EY-Parthenon