Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

We are all too familiar with some of the complex and pressing issues facing our region:

  • The average Silicon Valley resident spends 58 minutes per day commuting, and 75% of commuters drive to work alone
  • Only 26% of first-time home buyers in San Mateo County can afford a median priced home
  • 30% of low-income households in Silicon Valley still don’t have access to wireless internet
  • There are approximately 8,600 homeless individuals in Silicon Valley

(Source: 2018 Silicon Valley Index)

Though there are enormous challenges, Silicon Valley has a unique and relatively untapped secret weapon: an innovative, highly skilled private sector that is increasingly driven by impact and employee engagement in the local community.

That’s where we come in.

What we do

Our Challenge: To tackle some of the region’s most pressing problems by leveraging the abundance of human capital from Silicon Valley’s distinguished corporations.

To do this, we work with visionary leaders in the public sector to scope out high-impact projects focused on important regional priorities such as housing, transportation, education, homelessness and others.

We then work with our corporate partners to recruit pro bono teams or individuals who have a particular expertise – ranging from strategy and marketing to user-centered design and data analysis – to serve on these projects for 2-5 months.

Our vision

We want to create a stronger, healthier, happier and more equitable Silicon Valley that engages all sectors in regional problem solving. The issues we face are not simply “public sector” or “private sector” issues; they are broader community issues – and we can all play a part in finding solutions.

Our vision is to create deep and measurable regional change in several key issue areas by strategically developing and stringing together high-impact projects.

Project examples

Housing – Marketing Strategy for San Mateo County’s Second Unit program, which aims to tackle the 19:1 jobs to housing gap in San Mateo County by encouraging homeowners to build second units on their property.

Education – Vision and Project Roadmap Development for Silicon Valley Promise, a collaborative effort to create a regional, sustainable, integrated, and student-centered education system that offers a seamless pathway to college and career success by developing the local, diverse and job-ready employees that Silicon Valley employers need today and in the future (in partnership with City of San Jose).

Why get involved?

Corporate Partners:

  • Give back to the community in which your company operates
  • Provide your employees with a unique professional development and team building opportunity
  • Recruit and retain great talent, who are increasingly seeking impact-minded employers

Public Agency Partners:

  • Make important progress on regional priority projects that matter to your agenda
  • Get access to fresh ideas, new methodologies, and expertise in a variety of skill sets, ranging from strategy and marketing to user-centered design and data analysis
  • Pro bono partners help you make an impact without straining taxpayer funds

Where do I find out more?

If you have a high-impact project idea or want to learn more about how to engage your company’s employees on a pro bono project, please get in touch.

Jenny Weiss
Executive Director

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership aims to tackle some of the region's most pressing problems by leveraging the abundance of human capital from Silicon Valley's distinguished corporations.