Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

What are We Doing?

We are deploying teams and individual employees from Silicon Valley’s distinguished companies and organizations to tackle some of the region’s pressing problems through pro bono civic projects. Using the findings from Joint Venture’s Silicon Valley Index as a launch pad for project identification, we:

  • Scope project areas where pro bono talent could be leveraged to drive positive regional change
  • Match highly skilled volunteers to impactful projects that contribute to real, measurable outcomes
  • Spark impact that neither the private nor public sector could achieve on its own

Why Are We Doing It?

Many Silicon Valley corporations want to increase their participation in regional problem solving, while many public agencies want access to top talent that can implement more innovative solutions to civic challenges. As with all pursuits at Joint Venture, this initiative aims to create mutual value for both private and public sector partners by brokering impactful pro bono projects that ultimately contribute to making Silicon Valley a stronger, safer, healthier and happier place in which to live and work.

Who’s Involved?

We partner with cities, counties, public agencies and other nonprofits to scope meaningful projects for our region that are well-suited for pro bono talent. Former SVTP clients have included the City of San Jose, Santa Clara County, City of Santa Clara, City of Sunnyvale, City of Fremont, City of Campbell and others. We are actively looking to expand to other types of public agencies.

We also recruit teams of volunteers from some of Silicon Valley’s distinguished corporations to participate in pro bono project engagements. Former SVTP corporate volunteers have come from EY, PayPal, Adobe, IBM, Cisco, eBay, Edelman, KPMG and many others.

Why Get Involved?

Benefits for Corporations:

Volunteering on an SVTP project is a unique professional development opportunity that allows highly skilled employees to apply their expertise in a public benefit setting. Having pro bono opportunities available to your employees as a Silicon Valley employer also helps recruit and retain great talent in a competitive job marketplace.

Benefits for Public Agencies:

The issues many cities and public agencies in Silicon Valley face – affordable housing, transit, economic development and others – are often far too complex to tackle singlehandedly. Partnering with SVTP on a project enables your organization or agency to collaborate with private sector experts who are interested in helping you achieve the same goals for the region. Corporate volunteers act as partners with public agencies in this effort rather than coming up with solutions in a vacuum.

Where do I find out more?

If you have a project idea or are interested in learning more about engaging your company’s employees on a pro bono project, please get in touch with us.

Jenny Weiss
Executive Director

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

Joint Venture's Silicon Valley Talent Partnership is leveraging the private sector's world-class talent and expertise to tackle civic issues in our region.