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Russell Hancock speaking

Russell Hancock


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Rachel Massaro headshot

Rachel Massaro

Director of Research

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Heidi Young headshot

Heidi Young


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Margaret O’Mara headshot

Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies

Margaret O’Mara

Joint Venture has named Margaret O’Mara a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies, its research arm. Considered one of Silicon Valley’s foremost expositors, O’Mara is the Howard & Frances Keller Endowed Professor at the University of Washington and a contributing opinion writer at The New York Times. An award-winning historian, she recently published a history of the Valley that is being hailed as definitive, The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America (Penguin Press, 2019).

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Drew Starbird headshot

Senior Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies

Drew Starbird

Drew Starbird is Senior Fellow for the Institute. He is a frequent contributor to the Institute’s research on hunger and food assistance projects and provides continuing counsel and work on broader initiatives. Professor Starbird is executive director of the My Own Business Institute and a professor in the department of information systems & analytics at Santa Clara University.

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Karen Trapenberg Frick headshot

Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies

Karen Trapenberg Frick

Joint Venture has named Karen Trapenberg Frick a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies, its research arm. An expert on transportation planning in the Bay Area and beyond, Professor Frick is the director of the University of California Transportation Center and a professor of city and regional planning at the Berkeley campus.

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Stephen Levy headshot

Stephen Levy

Affiliated Researcher and Senior Advisor to the Silicon Valley Index

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Jon Haveman headshot

Jon Haveman

Affiliated Researcher

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Issi Romem headshot

Issi Romem

Affiliated Researcher

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Philip Jordan headshot

Philip Jordan

Affiliated Researcher

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Josh Williams headshot

Josh Williams

Affiliated Researcher

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Ryan Young headshot

Ryan Young

Affiliated Researcher

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Lindsey Burnside headshot

Lindsey Burnside

Affiliated Researcher

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Lukas Lopez-Jensen headshot

Lukas Lopez-Jensen

Research Associate

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Academic Research Partners

Academic research groups working with the Institute on various regional health topics.

Stanford Future Bay Initiative

Stanford Future Bay logo

Community Researcher Partners

Partner organizations working on critical data-driven projects and programs affecting our region’s health and quality of life.

unBox Project

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Isabelle Foster headshot

Isabelle Foster

Affiliated Researcher

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Charlie Hoffs headshot

Charlie Hoffs

Affiliated Researcher

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Samantha Liu headshot

Samantha Liu

Affiliated Researcher

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