Meet the Joint Venture Team

Isabelle Foster

Affiliated Researcher

Isabelle Foster headshot Isabelle Foster is a research fellow with the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies where she is examining anti-hunger programs to assess the scope of food insecurity in the region, leveraging data-driven and community insights.

Foster is co-founder of unBox, a nonprofit working to reduce hunger wrought by COVID-19 and beyond. The unBox objective is to end hunger and prove the power of youth in finding community solutions and advocating for change. She is interested in public sector innovation, impact investing, and food systems.

Foster holds a master’s in international policy studies and a bachelor’s in public policy from Stanford. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Foster was in the midst of conducting a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Paraguay, where she helped the government with the National Innovation Strategy. After her return to the US, Foster met Charlie Hoffs virtually and together co-created unBox. She is eager to continue working to think big-picture, push the needle, and consider how systems-change can occur.