Josh Williams

Affiliated Researcher, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

headshot Josh Williams, President and Co-Founder of BW Research, has been leading and directing applied economic, workforce and customer research studies for over 15 years. His work uses complex research methodologies to find data to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of different policies, strategies and programs. His research is focused on supporting decision makers with evidence-based conclusions and recommendations. Mr. Williams is responsible for directing economic and workforce research, public opinion and resident studies as well as consumer and B-to-B market research studies.

Prior to founding BW Research in 2006, Mr. Williams was director of research for another west coast-based research firm. While there, he directed or supervised more than 200 research projects over a six-year period. He has been a keynote speaker at several conferences and summits.

Mr. Williams received his B.A. in international economics from George Washington University and his M.A. in economics from California State University, Long Beach. He also serves as the Applied Research Director of EARI, the Economic Advancement Research Institute, as well as the Economic Development Chair for the San Diego North Economic Development Council.

Mr. Williams has been working with the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies since 2013.