Meet the Joint Venture Team

Kelsi Caywood

Affiliated Researcher, Gender and Work, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Kelsi is an Affiliated Researcher at the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies. She joined the team in 2023 to work primarily on issues of gender in the workplace. She is currently pursuing a PhD in sociology at the University of Michigan, where she leads a study examining work-family dynamics among diverse women in the tech industry. Her broader research addresses comparative gender inequality in the United States and East Asia, focusing on the interrelationships of gender equity, population policy, and work-family conflict.

Previously, Kelsi has worked as a research associate at Stanford University, a fellow at Namati (global legal empowerment nonprofit), and a research assistant in organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management. She holds a BA in Political Science from Yale University, an MA in China Studies from Peking University, and an MA in International Policy from Stanford University.

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