Meet the Joint Venture Team

Kyla Ronellenfitsch

Affiliated Researcher, Survey Research, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Kyla Ronellenfitsch headshotKyla joined the Institute’s research team in 2022 to lead its survey research efforts.

She is currently a Senior Survey Data Analyst with Embold Research, the nonpartisan, non-political unit of Change Research – a Bay Area-based polling firm. She has eight years of qualitative and quantitative research experience, designing action-oriented studies for a wide range of clients including government, unions, pension funds, and green energy.

A committed life-long learner, Kyla recently completed her Masters of Science in Analytics from the University of Chicago, and also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Kyla leads the Embold Research work with the State of California, along with numerous California-based advocacy and community groups.