Meet the Joint Venture Team

Lindsey Burnside

Affiliated Researcher, Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Lindsey Burnside headshot Lindsey Burnside joined the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies as an affiliated researcher in 2021. She focuses on topics related to racial equity, and increasing the depth of equity metrics in long-term regional health indicators. She is a PhD student in the Social-Personality area of the Psychology Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

Some of her previous work includes projects linking racial residential segregation to health disparities via epigenomic mechanisms, investigations of racism-related vigilance, and in-group expectations of social affirmation. Her research interests include health equity, racism-related stress, and integrative, person-centered, research methods. The ultimate goal of these interests is understanding how individuals promote the well-being of themselves and their communities in the face of hegemony.

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