Media Style Guide

About Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Joint Venture Silicon Valley was established in 1993. A nonprofit organization, the group convenes the region’s leaders across every major sector – government, business, academia, labor, and community organizations. The organization provides data and analysis on our region’s challenges and leads initiatives to address those challenges.

Joint Venture is funded by cities and counties, local companies, colleges and universities, labor and workforce institutions, and foundations.

Joint Venture is governed by a 50-member board of directors. The board is guided by Co-chairs Susan Ellenberg, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and John Tenanes, Vice President of Global Facilities and Real Estate at Meta.

Russell Hancock has served as president and CEO since 2003.

A style guide

The full and complete name of the organization is Joint Venture Silicon Valley. After first reference to the organization it is most appropriate to refer to it simply as “Joint Venture.”

When explanatory phrases are required, journalists can refer to the organization as “a public-private partnership,” “a multi-sector organization,” or “a group backed by business and local government.”