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Joint Venture receives U.S. Geological Survey grant

green logoJune 29, 2016 – Joint Venture Silicon Valley today announced it has received a grant of $83,000 from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to assist with development and roll-out of the USGS “HayWired” earthquake scenario.

The grant is an extension to the cooperative agreement between the USGS and Joint Venture announced earlier this year and is funded through the Science Application for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) program at USGS.

“HayWired is an important scenario that looks at the effect of a major earthquake on Silicon Valley and the larger San Francisco Bay Area,” said Jonathan Stock, Director of the USGS Innovation Center in Menlo Park.

The HayWired scenario examines the effects on modern society from an earthquake sequence triggered by a magnitude 7.05 earthquake on the Hayward fault.

Members of the Joint Venture team, including Kara Gross (Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance), Stephen Levy and Jon Haveman (Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies) and David Witkowski (Wireless Communications Initiative), will assist with economic and technical analysis of the scenario, authorship of content and hosting of workshops and webinars.

“In today’s world, citizens are heavily dependent on the internet for communications, banking, transportation and retail,” said Stock. “HayWired will look at how an earthquake on the Hayward fault could disrupt these systems and how we can prepare to minimize those impacts. The expertise of the multidisciplinary team at Joint Venture Silicon Valley was an ideal choice to support this work.”

Work funded by the grant has already commenced and will continue over the coming year.

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