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City, county officials secure publication of gasoline sales data

gasoline pump graphicCalifornia Energy Commission publishes gasoline sales for top 30 cities

January 19, 2021 – As a result of direct efforts by Joint Venture Silicon Valley calling for transparency, the California Energy Commission (CEC) has for the first time made public how much gasoline California’s top cities consume. The data reveals that Los Angeles and San Diego sell the most gasoline annually, at 551 million gallons and 455 million gallons, respectively. Of the largest cities, Sacramento consumes the most gasoline per capita, at 541 gallons per person per year. Riverside County’s city of Corona tops the overall list for per capita gasoline consumption, at 665 gallons per year.

The CEC website lists the top 10 cities by gasoline sales as follows:

Top 10 California Cities Gasoline Sales (millions of gallons)

  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
LOS ANGLES 543 577 570 513 462 490 578 597 553 551
SAN DIEGO 424 436 419 351 383 430 458 478 464 455
SAN JOSE 264 300 293 279 218 287 324 319 298 311
SACRAMENTO 237 260 255 255 174 256 279 284 264 278
BAKERSFIELD 191 194 194 179 169 181 221 217 205 204
FRESNO 150 154 156 144 108 154 185 192 176 159
RIVERSIDE 118 120 119 116 115 127 147 148 154 143
LONG BEACH 129 129 134 121 125 120 130 129 127 125
ANAHEIM 128 124 129 106 96 115 136 135 129 121
SAN FRANCISCO 112 129 127 118 71 107 120 120 105 107

View the complete list.

This new data is the result of advocacy by Silicon Valley officials in collaboration with Joint Venture Silicon Valley and its “Beyond Gasoline” initiative led by the nonprofit, Coltura.

“Burning gasoline – primarily in cars, trucks and SUVs – is the biggest source of human-caused carbon emissions in California,” said Janelle London, executive director of the Beyond Gasoline initiative and co-executive director of Coltura. “Giving the public access to city-level data on gasoline sales will allow residents to track their community’s progress on clean air and climate goals, and to hold themselves and their elected official accountable.”

The California Energy Commission collects annual gasoline sales volumes from retail gas stations throughout the state. Until now, the city-level data had never published. Joint Venture, Coltura, and elected officials from across Silicon Valley advocated for publication of gasoline sales data by city to help local governments set gasoline reduction goals and to evaluate the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing transportation emissions.

“Silicon Valley is known for using data and metrics to improve lives,” said San José Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Joint Venture Silicon Valley board member and signatory of the letter to the CEC. “This decision from the California Energy Commission will open the door to data and will enable cities to craft the policies we need to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.”

Mayor Liccardo was joined in writing a letter to the CEC by Joint Venture board members, including Supervisor Dave Pine, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors; Supervisor Susan Ellenberg, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors; Mayor Daniel Yost, Town of Woodside; Councilmember Matt Mahan, City of San José, and Mark Danaj, City Manager of Fremont.

“Gasoline sales are a direct measure of our progress toward greenhouse gas reduction,” said Russell Hancock, President and CEO of Joint Venture. “As California pursues a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, this data will empower cities to develop more targeted and effective strategies to reach our climate goals. We believe that with our culture of innovation, coupled with putting this data to work, Silicon Valley can lead the way in gasoline reduction. ”

Note: Coltura has obtained gasoline sales data for all California cities with at least four gas stations, at the city and zip code level, including number of gas stations in each city.

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