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December 2012 - James Fallows at State of the Valley, Wireless study, Gautam Srivastava profile, New Joint Venture Webmaster, Energy Management Systems workshop, Briefing on Bay Area Council Economic Assessment Dec. 17, AOTM: “Facebook launches ‘Facebucks’ to get employees to like Menlo Park merchants”

November 2012 - Paul Saffo at State of the Valley, SurveyMonkey, Daniel Yost profile, Anna Eshoo at Wireless Symposium, Greenbuild 2012, AOTM: “Stanford alumni companies equal 10th largest economy on the planet”

October 2012 - SEEDZ, Santa Cruz and Code for America, Corinne Goodrich profile, SOV, Greenbuild Conference, AOTM: “Made in the Bay Area: Altierre sees automation as key to Silicon Valley manufacturing”

September 2012 - Wireless in Palo Alto, Hats Off to Teachers, Commerce Dept. meets with SVEDA, Grand Boulevard Centennial, Tom Klein profile, Wireless Symposium, AOTM: “California’s Boom Masks State’s Uneven Recovery”

August 2012 - El Camino Real's 100th Anniversary, Sea Level Rise, Rishi Chopra, Bruce Knopf, Bill Sherry profile, AOTM: “Gloomy Forecast for States, Even if Economy Rebounds”

July 2012 - New Board Members, GHG Inventories, SJC Survey, YouTube, iTunes, AOTM: The Declaration of Independence, Mo Qayoumi profile

June 2012 - Solar Project Completion, ABAG Award, Energy Storage Symposium, CA Economic Summit, AOTM: “Do you want the good news first?”, Eric Houser profile

May 2012 - Energy Audits, CA Economic Summit, Healthcare Forum, Energy Symposium, Bay Area Counsil Conference, AOTM: “Put building energy ratings on the Internet, and watch them improve”, Keith Kennedy profile

April 2012 - 2012 Energy Storage Symposium, Hemminger and Hogan, Broker Breakfast, Wireless Healthcare Forum, AOTM:“Silicon Valley: Don't worry, be happy. America's future is here.”, Ted Tasch profile

March 2012 - State of the Valley recap

January 2012 - State of the Valley Special Edition

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