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December 2007 - New Partnership; Smart Health; New Board Members; COMPIC Web Site; John Maltbie

November 2007 - Emissions Inventories Discount; El Camino Improvement; PG&E Award; Marty Tenenbaum

October 2007 - El Camino Real Guiding Principles; Fiscal Wake-Up Tour; Darren Deffner; Diana Whitecar

September 2007 - Awards for Prospector; Doug Henton; Eliminate Dead Spots; "The Right to Learn"; Brian Moura

August 2007 - Smart Health; Kara LaPierre; Cell Dead Spots; "The Right to Learn"; Liz Kniss

July 2007 - Education Initiative; El Camino Grant; New Directors; Fellows Program; Harry Kellogg; Health-Care-Reform

June 2007 - Cindy Rubin; Industry-University Partnerships; Climate Protection Goals; Rick Ellinger

April 2007 - Climate Protection; "California Competes"; Wireless Project; Commonwealth Club; Judith Kleinberg

March 2007 - Silicon Valley Prospector; Chuck Reed; Saving the Planet; Wireless Project; Eric Benhamou

February 2007 - Silicon Valley Index; Eric Schmidt; Competition and Interconnection; Clean Technology; Al Gore Jr.

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