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Joint Venture is supported by numerous public and private organizations throughout the region—large and small—that invest time and resources in our research, projects and initiatives. Joint Venture provides its investors:

  • Connections—to the most influential business, labor, philanthropic, education, and public sector leaders out there.
  • Regional expertise—we have assembled a staff of Ph.D.s and subject-matter experts, and we leverage external networks and partner organizations.
  • Credibility—our work is respected and widely cited, because it is neutral, objective, fact-based, laid out in carefully researched white papers, indicator reports, and other data sets.
  • Collective action—on regional issues that make a real difference to your organization, and wouldn’t be addressed any other way.
  • Clout—because we involve the region’s top leaders and speak with one voice.

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The Joint Venture Investors Council

The Joint Venture Investors Council is composed of firms, organizations, and individuals who provide financial support to the organization on an annual basis. Investors Council members receive unique access and advantages for their commitment to our work in the region, including:

  • State of the Valley Conference sponsorship benefits
  • Invitations to attend, observe and network at Joint Venture’s quarterly board of directors meetings.
  • Access to any of Joint Venture’s committees and working groups, and full participation.
  • Privileged access to Joint Venture programs and events, including private audience with speakers.
  • The opportunity to host and brand meetings and events, and to showcase their products and services at those meetings.
  • Your organization’s name, logo, and link featured prominently on the Joint Venture website, with a live link back to your site.

To participate in any of Joint Venture’s programs and activities, membership in the Investors Council is required. The level of investment is determined by the size of the organization.

For more information about joining the Joint Venture Investors Council, or for general inquiries about supporting Joint Venture, please contact Robin Doran at .