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A new "homepage" for Silicon Valley

New website showcases region's strengths, opportunities

San Jose, CA | October 24, 2005 – A new website showcasing Silicon Valley's strengths and business opportunities makes its debut today, Joint Venture President & CEO Russell Hancock announced. The site is found at, and it delivers data and analysis about Silicon Valley's established and emerging industry clusters, live news feeds, information about commercial real estate, regional data, countless links, and a host of other resources about the Silicon Valley economy and lifestyle.

Unveiling the site at a gala launch event in Santa Clara, Hancock explained "it's hard to believe, but until now you didn't turn up much if you googled 'Silicon Valley.' Happily, that is no longer the case. We're finally putting our best face forward."

"Silicon Valley: shortest distance from idea to market," reads the tag line on the site, which is intended to be a tool for executives making location decisions. The site is a project of the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA), a group of economic development professionals organized by Joint Venture.

Mountain View economic development manager Ellis Berns, who chairs SVEDA, elaborated: "Despite what you sometimes hear, it really is a great time to start or grow a business in Silicon Valley. We who live here can sometimes become preoccupied by our challenges, and we have them of course-transportation and housing, to name only two. But lately it seems the press and others have been focused on only these, and we're missing the bigger picture. The real story about Silicon Valley is that our region continues to generate vast amounts of innovation and creativity, creating value at a rate that leaves any of our competitors behind. Now, finally, comes a website documenting it, and inviting all comers."

The region's elected officials praised the new site. "It's about time," said San Jose Vice- Mayor Cindy Chavez. "'Silicon Valley Online' lays out systematically what we tend to take for granted around here: our quality of life, vast collection of talent, cutting edge technology, world-class institutions, an abundance of capital, and an entrepreneurial culture that glues it all together. It's no accident that we're a world center for innovation. We deliver more value at a faster rate than any place else."

SVEDA and Joint Venture will permanently maintain the site, which they envision will be a valuable tool for executives making location or expansion decisions. It will also be a resource for the broader community.

A project of Joint Venture, the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA) is a cross-community effort to nurture Silicon Valley's unique "habitat" for innovation. The Alliance is a partnership of economic development professionals bringing together public and private resources to ensure the success of Silicon Valley, through policy, streamlined permitting processes, or linking businesses to resources that add value and help companies grow.

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