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Joint Venture launches Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone

Industry veteran Don Bray tapped as executive director of project

January 15, 2013 - Joint Venture Silicon Valley has launched the Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ) initiative, focused on building the nation’s most advanced commercial power network in Silicon Valley. Local energy customers, energy providers, municipalities, institutions and utility interests are collaborating to build the smart energy network of the future by uniting improved power performance and sustainability.

Centered in a zone spanning north Sunnyvale, north Mountain View and Moffett Field, the initiative encompasses a portfolio of essential smart energy elements. These include practices, standards and technologies for efficiency, renewable energy, grid performance and business model integration.

To lead the initiative, Joint Venture has appointed Don Bray, a veteran player in systems integration and clean technology solutions for the enterprise market, as executive director. Bray co-founded AltaTerra Research, a market research and consulting firm focused on clean technology solutions for the enterprise marketplace. Prior to AltaTerra, Don spent 23 years with the business and technology consulting firm Accenture, serving as a managing partner in Silicon Valley. He has led numerous engagements, with both corporate clients and start-ups, focused on technology integration, product strategy and positioning, market education, and market development.

"Smart energy matters to the world, and uniquely so in Silicon Valley," said Joint Venture president and CEO Russell Hancock. "It promises essential long-term economic and environmental benefits. For many reasons, Silicon Valley sits at the heart of the emerging ‘nexus’ between energy, electronics and information technology, and sustainability. Until now, there is no such large-scale collaboration in Silicon Valley. That's why Joint Venture has undertaken this important project."

Founding partners and directors of the initiative include the Electric Power Research Institute, Applied Materials, PG&E, Google, Juniper Networks and the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

Bringing various stakeholders together helps to identify areas of common opportunity, define integrated standards and solutions, leverage time and investment, and more rapidly propagate best practices. In this spirit, a number of prominent smart energy collaborations have emerged around the U.S.

Under the SEEDZ initiative, specific projects are established to focus on shared opportunities and challenges involving multiple energy-related stakeholders. Broadly, these projects include scaling of leading practices, establishment of critical standards, and deployment of shared solutions, programs and advanced infrastructure.

Learn more about SEEDZ and read the white paper outlining the project.

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