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Joint Venture unveils powerful online tool for business location decisions uses new GIS technology serves as ‘Welcome Mat’ to the region

San Jose, CA – Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network today announced a new online tool,, which provides an interactive, searchable, easy-to-use repository of commercial property listings. More significantly, the tool allows site selectors to conduct highly detailed demographic analyses of those properties.

The new site, which is intended to make it easier to locate and expand in Silicon Valley, is made possible by a unique partnership convened by Joint Venture, between 20 Silicon Valley cities and the commercial broker community. It is the first such partnership between cities and commercial brokerages in Silicon Valley.

The city and brokerage partners are represented by the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers (ASVB) and the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA), a group of 20 cities spread over three counties convened by Joint Venture.

The groups share a goal to simplify the process of working with City governments when making relocation and expansion decisions. By using, businesses will no longer have to leaf through reams of Census Bureau reports for demographic information or contact multiple city departments for basic data and documents such as zoning requirements or traffic counts.

“ provides immediate access to critical business and development information needed to facilitate job growth in Silicon Valley,” said Russell Hancock, Joint Venture president and CEO. “It sends a clear message to potential business investors: we are open and ready for business, online.”

In addition to being the first multi-county economic development website of its kind in California, is also the State’s largest economic development website for site selection.

“Finding the right ‘home’ is often a difficult process – particularly for Silicon Valley start-ups experiencing rapid growth,” said Heidi Roizen, managing director at Mobius Venture Capital. “I foresee this site becoming an essential resource for the entrepreneurial community.”

What does, and how it works speeds up and streamlines the process of site selection for start-up, expanding and relocating businesses. It does this by providing detailed answers to the main questions executives face when making location decisions:

What buildings and land are currently available in Silicon Valley?

What are the market characteristics around a given site (demographics, workforce, spending)?

What synergies and opportunities exist in a given Silicon Valley location?

Accordingly, the site allows users to view, create, and print maps; find available commercial or business property; create drive-time reports, and develop custom demographic analyses. The site provides information through dynamic mapping capabilities, including the ability to zoom in/out, move the map, identify information and view geographic “layers” of information such as railroads, transportation terminals, parks, airports, recreation areas. Then, when a given property is selected, the user can specify a one, five, or ten-mile radius and see detailed demographic information for that search area, including: labor force statistics, education levels, age, consumer expenditures, and the size and types of businesses in the area, and their concentration. All of these data types can be displayed using “heat” maps.

As a result, users can rapidly tailor maps and reports and access data that would normally take weeks to collect and thousands of dollars to obtain from specialty data researchers. Contact information is also included so executives can move quickly onto the next steps.

The importance of providing quality property and site selection information to businesses is seen as critical because over ninety percent of initial site selection screening is now done through the Internet.

At the heart of SiliconValleyProspector is Geographic Information System (GIS) technology called ZoomProspector developed by GIS Planning, Inc., who contracted with Joint Venture and SVEDA to construct the new site. The technology integrates software and geographic data and provides an efficient user interface to display and analyze information.

What they're saying about

“ goes well beyond a simple database of available properties. It provides helpful analytical tools so you can ascertain geographic advantages and business opportunities,” said Diana Whitecar, chair of SVEDA and economic development manager for the City of Milpitas. “Buildings and sites are available throughout the nation; what makes Silicon Valley attractive, of course, is our location-specific advantages, like the quality of our labor force and the clusters of businesses that are already here. Now, thanks to this new website, people can have easy, customized access to this sort of information.”

“I spend my time in the financial world facilitating the work of entrepreneurs, but it’s funny—once they have their financing the next thing they need is space. Where do they find it? And how do they make informed location decisions?” said Harry Kellogg, vice chair of Silicon Valley Bank and president of Silicon Valley Bank Client Services. “Until now the process was a bit helter skelter. Joint Venture has fixed that, and taken yet another step to create a better business environment in Silicon Valley.”

“Look at it this way: Silicon Valley has put out a welcome mat. We’ve made it easy for people to locate here and expand here,” said Liz Kniss, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

About Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network

Established in 1993, Joint Venture provides analysis and action on issues affecting the Silicon Valley economy and quality of life. The organization brings together established and emerging leaders—from business, government, academia, labor, and the broader community—to spotlight issues, launch projects, and work toward innovative solutions.

About the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance

A project of Joint Venture, the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA) is a regional partnership of economic development professionals across 20 Silicon Valley cities. SVEDA’s mission is to fast-track the needs of business—through policy solutions and streamlined permitting processes, and by providing other resources that accelerate growth.

About The Association of Silicon Valley Brokers

ASVB is an association of real estate brokers throughout the Silicon Valley region, dedicated to the promotion of high standards in the industrial/commercial brokerage field.

For questions about the GIS Technology contact:

Anatalio Ubalde
Chief Operating Officer
GIS Planning Inc.
(415) 294-4771

For questions about Joint Venture and the Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance, contact:

Diana Whitecar
Economic Development Manager
City of Milpitas
(650) 522-7242

Russell Hancock
President & Chief Executive Officer
Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network
(408) 298-9330

For questions about the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers, contact:

John Yandle
Outgoing President, ASVB
Cornish & Carey Commercial
(408) 987-4154

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